Five Boozy Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is probably going to look different this year due to the pandemic. We won’t be able to take our mothers to dinner, buy them drinks, or in some cases even see them. That doesn’t mean we can’t still shower them in love and/or gifts. Flowers and heartfelt cards are the usual avenues to make any mom happy, but what about booze? If you have a mom that enjoys the occasional cocktail or glass of wine, here are 5 boozy gift ideas for this Mother’s Day. 

Just Add Tequila

Just Add Tequila: For the tequila-loving mother, Mouth has created the perfect gift box. It is a little bit pricey at $109, but does include top of the line ingredients. With grapefruit margarita mixer, cherry grenadine, lime leaf tonic, cocktail salt, a mason jar shaker and unbreakable stemless wine glasses, all that’s missing is the tequila. With charming presentation and tasty ingredients, it’s a sure hit for tequila drinkers.

Shake Stir Sip

Shake. Stir. Sip.: Does your mom love cocktails but struggle to make them properly at home? Kara Newman, the spirits editor at Wine Enthusiast, is here to help. Her cocktail book Shake. Stir. Sip. provides 50 effortless cocktails to make at home. All of the cocktails include less than 5 ingredients and, excluding garnishes and bitters, are made in equal parts. Think the ease of a Negroni mixed with the fresh taste of a Mojito. All of the cocktails are accessible and will leave your mom with drink ideas for months to come.

Spirit Infusion Kit

Spirit Infusion Kit: If your mom is anything like mine, she loves a project. Craft Connections Co’s Spirit Infusion Kit is a great way to blend creativity and drinking. Whether it’s used to enhance cheap vodka or to create craft tequila, this kit would be great for quality time and quality booze. The kit includes a recipe and instruction book, an infusion jar, a liquor bottle with a wood cork top, a funnel and strainer as well as a chalkboard sign to display your new creation.

Delish Wine Print

Wine Chart Print: This gradient wine print from Delish offers a classy way to dress up a kitchen or bar. As an homage to wine and photography, it is sure to be a hit for decor-minded mothers. At 12” x 18” it is the perfect size for almost anywhere in the house, and the $15 price gives you room to add a frame or pair it with her favorite bottle of wine for an extra touch.

Tasting Kit Flaviar

Tasting Kits: If your mom prefers a specific kind of spirit, you can buy her a tasting kit or even make your own. Brands like St. George and Heaven Hill offer their own tasting kits at very fair prices. Flavair also offers curated spirit tasting boxes with a variety of liquors and combinations to choose from. If you’re working on a time crunch or a budget, nips are usually very cheap at liquor stores, so with a little effort, you can even make your own kit. Trying the samples and testing cocktails will allow your mom to explore the world of booze and make for an extremely fun night in.


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