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Booze World News with Will Gray and Pedro Shanahan of Seven Grand LA

Last week I sat down with Pedro Shanahan of Seven Grand LA and The Spirit Guide Society to talk about what is happening in Kentucky with CoVid-19 as well as drink some fine whiskey. We shared some great stories about Kentucky, barrel picks, honey bees, and walked everyone through the notes on the whiskeys listed below.

Here is the list of what I sent Pedro and what we drank.

1 – Widow Jane“The Vaults” 14 Year Batch 1 Bottle 700, 2019, 99 proof 49.5%

2 – Resilient Kentucky Straight Bourbon 107 Proof 57.5%

3 – Bluegrass Taverns Russell’s Reserve Barrel Pick “Gobble Gobble Gulp” – 110 proof 55%

4 – Wathen’s Barrel Proof “Justin’s House of Bourbon” pick – 116.9 proof 58.45%

5 – Warbringer “Warmaster” edition from Sespe Creek picked by Josh Barnett

Let us know your thoughts on these bottles and if you would like to see more of theses videocasts in the future.

Will Gray
Founder and Content Warden of Booze World News.

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