The King Is Back, Long Live The King

Straight from Brown Forman (Ticker: BF.B), King of Kentucky Bourbon will release its third edition this month. Normally only available in Kentucky for purchase...

The Sakura Martini – The Hunt For The Perfect Martini

Living in New York is hectic. The city moves at a break-neck pace, as does the bar scene. There’s always a new spot to...

Tanqueray Launches Premium Crafted Canned Gin Cocktails

Diageo’s (Ticker: DEO) Tanqueray Gin launches three premium canned cocktails hitting the market in September of 2020. These Ready To Drink (RTD) cocktails are...

Diageo Set To Release New ‘Rare by Nature’ Collection Fall of 2020

This Fall, liquor giant Diageo will unveil it's 2020 Special Releases Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection themed, Rare by Nature. The collection featuring 8...

The Dunhill – Hunt for the Perfect Martini

The Dunhill Cocktail by Garnish_Girl

Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel Coming To The USA This Fall

Buffalo Trace Distillery announced today that Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel will be on sale in the USA this fall.

The Last Word Cocktail

As I continue to be confined to my house and not sliding up to cocktail bars around the world, I’m starting to look beyond the traditional...

Top Five Mezcals To Add To Your Collection

ezcal, often referred to as Tequila’s smokier cousin, the one that commandeered the cocktail scene almost a decade ago and had craft bartenders scrambling to get their hands on bottles.

The Breakfast Martini – The Hunt For The Perfect Martini

For many of us, myself included, quarantine has induced a fugue, time warp-esque state. Going out on the weekend is nonexistent, so current drinking...

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