Diageo Releases Muckety-Muck 24-Year-Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky

Today, Diageo’s Orphan Barrel Whisky Co. announced the release of Muckety-Muck 24 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky from the Port Dundas Distillery. Muckety-Muck is the latest addition to the Orphan Barrel hand-bottled collection of nearly forgotten whiskies and the first Single Grain Scotch Whisky to be featured.

Muckety-Muck 24-Year-Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky

While the storied Port Dundas distillery closed its doors a decade ago, the distillery was once a prominent local landmark overlooking the city of Glasgow. Established in 1810 – two centuries prior to its closure – Port Dundas quickly became one of Scotland’s most respected distilleries with its sweet, smooth and decadent Single Grain Scotch Whisky.

Port Dundas was also home to a piggery during the distillery’s most successful years. Legend has it that hundreds of pigs fed on distillery draff, and the prized pig Muckety-Muck won over passersby with his decorated wall of medals in the breeding shed. Muckety-Muck 24 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky from the Port Dundas Distillery is a tribute to this whimsical pig and Port Dundas’ prosperous period as Scotland’s largest distillery.

Six variations of the bottle label are available, with Muckety-Muck himself proudly boasting a Scottish tartan sash in either red, green, blue, gray, yellow or orange. This limited edition whisky and caricature are a tribute to traditional Scottish culture and Port Dundas’ spirit animal: the pig.

Muckety-Muck 24 Year Old is a Single Grain Scotch Whisky offering crisp fruit and lightly toasted oak flavors with a butterscotch vanilla finish. Following the success of Orphan Barrel Forager’s Keep Single Malt Scotch Whisky released in 2019, Muckety-Muck is the second Scotch Whisky and latest iteration from Orphan Barrel Whisky Co. The limited-edition bottle is available in limited quantities at select spirits retailers nationwide with an SRP of $225 for 750ml.

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