Enderle & Moll Spatburgunder Rose – Kate’s Weekly Wine Pick

At the heart of this winery, Enderle & Moll is two pals, Sven Enderle and Florian Moll, making wine: just a small cellar, a bit of vine, and, well, a massive cult following.

Enderle & Moll Spatburgunder Rose
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They embrace low-intervention winemaking: all the vineyard work is done by hand, and grapes are crushed in an old-school wooden basket press. Yields are low, so the duo takes care to produce the best grapes they can in every step of the process.

Right on the edge of Germany’s elusive Black Forest (which, for the classical wine nerds, leads right into the prestigious Alsace region), Moll and Enderle are making one of the best rosés on the market.

Think of this Spatburgunder-based (or Germany’s Pinot Noir) as the perfect late August wine.  When you pop it open, it’s subtle and smooth, but as it opens it brightens, growing more luminescent and juicier as the air infiltrates the wine. Darker in color (thanks to six weeks on skins and ten months in barrels) it’s incredibly fresh, with notes of vibrant florals, blood orange, crunchy pomegranate, and wild strawberries on the palate with rose and cranberries on the nose. My ideal moment would be sipping this in the late afternoon as the sun goes down and that chilly August dusk breeze sets in.

Last week’s wine pick was Vin Noe Amour Vache.

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