The Katana Kitten’s Hinoki Martini

One of my fondest pre-pandemic Martini memories is slipping into the bar at Katana Kitten. Well, you can’t exactly slip quietly. One step into...

The Sakura Martini – The Hunt For The Perfect Martini

Living in New York is hectic. The city moves at a break-neck pace, as does the bar scene. There’s always a new spot to...

Tanqueray Launches Premium Crafted Canned Gin Cocktails

Diageo’s (Ticker: DEO) Tanqueray Gin launches three premium canned cocktails hitting the market in September of 2020. These Ready To Drink (RTD) cocktails are...

The Dunhill – Hunt for the Perfect Martini

The Dunhill Cocktail by Garnish_Girl

The Last Word Cocktail

As I continue to be confined to my house and not sliding up to cocktail bars around the world, I’m starting to look beyond the traditional...

The Breakfast Martini – The Hunt For The Perfect Martini

For many of us, myself included, quarantine has induced a fugue, time warp-esque state. Going out on the weekend is nonexistent, so current drinking...

Gins You Should Be Ordering To Have At Home

As Booze World News' resident martini expert, it's safe to say my bar cart is always packed with gins, aged gin, flavored gins, dry gins, and genevers. That's one reason I'm still enamored with the category

The Martinez Cocktail

Recently, I’ve been diving into the fascinating history of Genever, a history rich with pirates, melodrama, and globe-trotting. Long before the London Dry Gins...

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