White Wine

Is It Time To Rethink How We Describe Our Drinks?

Every Christmas growing up, after our bellies filled with my grandmother’s turkey and the bottles of Chardonnay emptied, my grandfather would lurch over to...

Three Barrel Aged Coffee Companies You Need To Try

Barrel aged coffee has been around for a while now but when it comes to quality that you can taste there are few that...

Le Ragnaie Toscana Vino Bianco – Kates Weekly Wine Picks

While many of my past few bottles of wine have been from wunderkind new winemakers, Le Ragnaie’s wines are heavily rooted in history.  Young winemakers...

The Best Wines To Try This Summer

Warm climates are setting in, which means summer Fridays, longer daylight, and patio drinking. In our humble opinion, many of the bottles are best...

Seven America-Made Wines to Order Today

American winemakers are struggling right now. Without restaurants moving cases of wine to thirsty diners, and with international shipping and distribution stuttering, sales are slowing. Thankfully, there are hoards of wine lovers stuck at home, looking for new bottles to pour into their glasses and add to their cellars.

Alcohol Subscription Services To Get You Through Quarantine

With bars and restaurants shuttered, many of us home-bound drinkers are missing the expert recommendations of sommeliers, cicerones, and bartenders. If you want to take the guesswork out of bottle shopping, opt for a curated delivery service, that offers personalized or expert-selected spirits, wines, and cocktails delivered right to your home.

The Best Quarantine Wine-and-Food Pairings

So you’re trapped at home. Many are trying to work from home, sure, but more often than not, home-bound confinement has turned into a feast of...

The Most Underrated Wine Markets in the World

It’s easy to wax poetic about Burgundies and Beaujolais, Chardonnays and Chablis. While classic wine-growing regions and varietals will never fail to make into...

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