The King Is Back, Long Live The King

King Of Kentucky

Straight from Brown Forman (Ticker: BF.B), King of Kentucky Bourbon will release its third edition this month. Normally only available in Kentucky for purchase this expression will be also available in select markets including Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee. This expression will be a 14-year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon with a suggested retail price of $249.99. There will be only 2,200 bottles produced making this bottle another hard one to find but not impossible.

Established in 1881 as a Kentucky Straight Bourbon, King of Kentucky was acquired by Brown Forman in 1936 from Selected Kentucky Distillers. By 1940 Brown Forman converted it to a blended whiskey until it was shelved/retired in 1968. In 2018, Brown Forman resurrected the label paying homage to the brand’s past.

King of Kentucky is an annual/on-going periodic release of a single barrel inventory featuring a barrel strength, minimally filtered presentation. Each release and every bottle is unique.

Tasting Notes Provided by Brown Forman are below.

Taste Notes:  “Representative Barrel”

Proof: 131.3

Age: 14 years

Lot: 06F27, Warehouse: K, Floor: 8, Rick: 46

Color: Rich Umber

Aroma:  Deep notes of dried cherry, graham cracker and vanilla bean with a cotton candy and dark maple syrup sweetness all sharpened with a hint of caramelized orange peel and a pinch of mint.

Flavor: Dark caramel and maple syrup coat a layer of dark baking spices and cured tobacco herbal notes served alongside vanilla ice cream topped deep dish cherry cobbler.

Finish:  Crisp and dry with a hint of lingering cherry cobbler.

Will Gray
Founder and Content Warden of Booze World News.

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