The Tumbled Rose Cocktail

The Tumbled Rose - BrightFox Hydration Cocktail

I’ve been drinking BrightFox for a few weeks now, and I have to say I’ve loved it. You feel the hydration as you drink, and it makes for easy and delicious cocktails. If I’m not in the mood for beer or wine, I’ll add BrightFox to vodka or tequila over ice and call it good. I got my hands on the blueberry vanilla sparkling bottle, and it quickly became my preferred flavor. Anyone who knows me knows I love vanilla, so the sweetness hit the spot for me. After trying a few drink variations, I wanted to try my hand at a cocktail yet again.

I’ve been watching many of my favorite bars come up with new cocktails for to-go service, and a surprising amount has included lemonade. This served as my inspiration for my new cocktail, balancing the lemonade’s tartness with the sweetness of the vanilla. It lends for another summertime refresher, and an aesthetically pleasing one at that. Unlike The Garden Fox, which took a reasonable few attempts to perfect, I got this cocktail down on the first try. So yet again, and with a big thank you to BrightFox, I present the Tumbled Rose.

The Tumbled Rose  - BrightFox Cocktail Ingredients



  • Add 10-15 blueberries and ½ of the rosemary sprig to a mixing glass
  • Muddle 15-20 seconds
  • Add ice, vodka, BrightFox and lemonade
  • Stir, about 15-20 seconds until combined
  • Strain into a glass filled with fresh ice
  • Garnish with rosemary spring and remaining blueberries


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