Boozy Bingo – A New Twist On Quarantine Bingo

Toilet paper and hand sanitizer have been flying off the shelves-but alcohol sales have skyrocketed too. While many of you stockpiled hand sanitizer and toilet paper, I stockpiled booze. 

Coronavirus has cancelled all of my plans, but social distancing will not keep me from being a ball of F-U-N! 

Even Though I’m trying to maintain normalcy while being quarantined at home, I keep finding myself running to my Stay-At-Home bar and somehow creating cocktails that I have no business making.   

In an effort to practice proper social distancing, but still engage with friends and family, I created “Boozy Bingo.”

Quarantine Bingo has become popular, but “Boozy Bingo” will make you tipsy.  Do you accept the “Boozy Bingo” challenge? If your answer is “yes”-keep reading.  If it’s “no”, you have come to the wrong site and will be redirected to

Boozy Bingo Card

How to Play 

Boozy Bingo – the game is simple. 

If you see something on your Boozy Bingo board that you have done, mark it off and take a sip of your favorite drink.  If you are in the mood to drink heavily, take a shot. (hey, who am I to judge?) 

If you get a BINGO! you get to tell (or tag) one of your friends to take a shot and order them to fill out their Boozy Bingo card. 

Simply screenshot this Boozy Bingo board from your phone and use social media to virtually bingo it up!

Don’t forget to tag us 😉


Sophia B.


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