Woodford Reserve Set To Release Four Grain Blended Whiskey

With all of the excitement of last week with multiple new bottle releases, we are excited to hear of another coming out of Brown Forman, The Woodford Reserve Four Grain Blended Whiskey. To celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month, Woodford Reserve today released a new limited-edition bottle that blends all four classic Woodford expressions into a new whiskey. The result is a unique liquid that explodes with hints of graham cracker, caramel, baking spices, cedar, and clove.

Woodford Reserve Four Grain is a blend of the four types of Woodford — Woodford Bourbon, Woodford Rye Whiskey, Woodford Malt Whiskey and Woodford Wheat Whiskey.

“Each core expression of Woodford Reserve has unique flavor characteristics, and I wanted each of them to shine through in this new whiskey,” Master Distiller Chris Morris said. “The result is a very flavorful whiskey — a true spectacle for the senses.”

This 375ml expression, $49.99 a bottle, is available via curbside pickup at Woodford Reserve Distillery starting on Wednesday, September 16th. Orders can be placed online. It will also be available this fall at a small number of Kentucky retailers.

Four Grain is part of the annual Distillery Series, which Morris created to highlight Woodford Reserve’s creative line of complex offerings and showcase its commitment to innovation and premium craftsmanship. There are three annual releases of the distillery series.

Woodford Reserve Distillery Series – Four Grain Tasting Notes

Expression Name: Four Grain

Class & Type: Blended whiskey

Bottling Date: 2020

Proof: 90.4

Master Distiller’s Notes: A blend of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Rye, Malt and Wheat whiskies

Cooperage: Each whiskey has been aged in new charred oak barrels. 

Will Gray
Founder and Content Warden of Booze World News.

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